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My Math Genius  | Hire / pay an expert to do your math homework!

Three Easy Steps - You upload and we solve!

1. You upload your assignment, exam, quiz or project

2. We find a math genius who can take care of your work

3. You pay securely online and download solutions in your choice of format!

It's as simple as that! So click here to upload your assignment and receive a free quote. Remember: If you are not satisfied with the quoted price to the solutions of your assignment you don't pay a penny. So what do you have to lose? Try us now!

Money Back Guarantee

If the solutions we provide do not meet our stated grade guarantee we will give you a refund.

Hire a genius to do your math homework for you! We can even do your Online Algebra, Calculus and Statistics Assignments or Exams!

Looking to pay someone to do your math homework assignment or exam? Look no further because help is here. At we offer custom written step-by-step solutions for all math homework problems. Whether it is Statistics, CalculusAlgebra or any other subfield of mathematics, we do it all. We can even do your online math homework and take your tests for you as well! How it works is simple, you upload to our website the details about your math homework or online class. We then quote you a price based on how urgently you need the solutions as well as the difficulty of the questions. You can then safely and securely pay online. As soon as your project is finished you will be sent an email informing you to download your solutions. Its that easy! All of our work is guaranteed to be correct and is fully supported by our money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Upload your assignment and get a free no-obligations assessment from one of our math geniuses on how much it'll cost you to get a 100%.

Can you do my math homework for me?

The two most frequently asked question we get from our customers are, can you do my math homework for me and can you do my online math test, quiz or exam for me. The simple answer is yes we can! We have successfully completed more than 50,000 projects of varying difficulty and length for our customers. The projects spread across all levels of mathematics from high school level algebra homework to college level calculus assignments. The vast majority of the projects which we handle include creating custom written assignment solutions for college level Calculus (Integration, Differentiation and analysis of functions), Algebra (Discrete/Finite math including set theory and the theory of equations) and Statistics (Probability, Regression Analysis, Anova, Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing) assignments. We can also take care of more complex tasks such as Microsoft Excel Projects or if you are taking an advanced course requiring the use of MATLAB, SPSS, MAPLE or MiniTab, you can count on our experts to always deliver correct solutions so that you can get that grade you've always wanted. is PayPal Verified is PayPal Verified

Complete Step-by-Step Solutions

MayMathGenius can provide step by step solutions! We offer solutions that are complete in all their steps. Full marks on assignments and exams often require that step by step working be shown for proofs or arithmetic . If you require it, your math genius will give you customized explanations of each step of the question leading to the final answer.

Got an Online or Distance Education Math Course?

Get one-on-one interaction with a math genius If you are taking an online math course with very little face-to-face interaction we might be able to find you a math expert to solve all your problems. Your math genius can simply log-in on your behalf complete the online assignments, exams and even the entire course for you!. You can be confident that when you pay your hired math genius to do/write your online exam for you that the job gets done.

Your Own Personal Math Genius

Communicate directly with a math genius! We put you directly in touch with your own dedicated math genius. You will be able to email and chat with him/her directly and discretely using our secured servers which protect your identity. Your math genius will help you through various stages of your assignment questions and guide you through the learning process. is GoDaddy Verified

Safety and Security

We take your privacy very seriously and never require you to give us any information that you are not comfortable disclosing. Any sensitive information that you do disclose to us can (at your request) be permenantely and irreversibly deleted within 90 days of you last interacting with our website. The messages between you and the math genius working on your project as well as those sent to the customer support representatives remain secure with the highest standards of online encryption (SSL). We also do not ask for nor store any of your financial information (credit card infomration etc.) on our website as payments for your work are made directly through PayPal. The only piece of information we really need from you is an email address to let you know when your work has been completed. Our website has also been verified by PayPal, Symaentic and thousands of satisfied customers just like you.

Want to let others know about us?

If you have a friend who is struggling with his/her math homework and if you refer them to us you can both get discounts on your custom created math homework solutions. You can read more about our refer a friend program and the associated discounts we offer.

Got More Questions?

You may find the answers in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Are you a Math Genius?

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MyMathGenius is PayPal verified
MyMathGenius | Hire/Pay someone to do your math homework assignment or exam!
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How It Works My Profile
FAQ Get a Price Quote
Privacy Policy Terms of Service
MyMathGenius is PayPal Verified
MyMathGenius | Hire/Pay someone to do your math homework assignment or exam!
Copyright © 2005, 3 Delta Solutions